Our Father

| Group Study |


Watch the short clips below, and answer the questions associated with each.  You can do this alone - but it's always more fun with a group of friends!

Be sure to read/study the scriptures in each section.  God's word is the standard by which we measure all our thoughts and ideas.


1 | when the giant lays down

There's something special about a father figure getting down on the ground and playing with the kids.

What's your favorite memory of "playtime" with your father figure?  This can be from when you were little or even today.



2 | the father

God goes by many names, and we can relate to him on many levels - but the one way we can consistently relate is as our father.

Do you think of God as your father?  Many times we relate to Jesus and Holy Spirit in their respective roles but have issues with calling the Godhead "Father" in a familiar way.
Have you ever called him daddy, or papa?

scripture: 1 Corinthians 8:6, Psalm 68:5


3 | earthly father

Sometimes we have a difficult time relating to God as Father because of our relationship with our earthly fathers.

Has this ever been an issue for you?

scripture: Malachi 2:10



4 | accepting love

God the Father loves you so much.  There is firm evidence in the Old and New Testaments.  He says it himself throughout scripture.  His actions are all based in love.  He made a rescue plan for you (that involved sacrificing his only actual son).

He loves us, and yet sometimes we have erected barriers that prevent us from receiving that love.  Do you have any barriers like that?

scripture: James 1:17, Romans 5:8, 1 John 3:1