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Group Study


Watch the short clips below, and answer the questions associated with each.  You can do this alone - but it's always more fun with a group of friends!

Be sure to read/study the scriptures in each section.  God's word is the standard by which we measure all our thoughts and ideas.


1 | personality

God made us uniquely.  There is one else just like you on Earth.  He "broke the mold" with all of us.  Our uniqueness is part of what makes "doing life together" fun!

We've all got habits, quirks, and interesting things that make us unique.  What is one quirk or interesting part of your personality that the rest of the group may not know about?

scripture: 1 Corinthians 12:12-26



2 | leaving it to chance

Pastor Jimmy says that many times we leave our Christian walk to chance.  We often take no responsibility for what happens in our lives.  He points to the parable of the wise and foolish builders as evidence that much of the responsibility is on us.
What do you think?  How much work should the Christian walk take?  Is it ok to just say: God, you'll have to do it all?  How much responsibility do we have in all this?

scripture: Matthew 7:24-27, Philippians 2:12


3 | your response

Can it be this simple?  Can we choose what our response will be to a situation ahead of time?
When we squeeze an apple, we expect apple juice to come out.  When an orange is squeezed, orange juice should come out.  When a Christian is squeezed, what do we expect to come out?

scripture: Matthew 5:38-42, James 4:17



4 | where's the gold?

Why would I look for anything else?

120 disciples waited and prayed in the upper room for 10 days before the Holy Spirit fell.  An oft repeated joke is that the Holy Spirit waited 10 days because that's how long it took 120 people to come into one accord (unity).

It can be easy to make a habit of being critical of other church members, or leadership, or the body in general.  How do we "find the gold" like we see Pastor Jimmy pointing out in people in this clip?

scripture: Proverbs 11:27, Luke 18:9-14


5 | the church universal

The body of Christ, the body of believers, the assembly of saints, the bride of Christ: They all refer to what we commonly call The Church.  Not the building - the people.

Pastor Jimmy says that the Church is God's idea.  Have you ever thought about it like that?  Popular culture shies away from "organized religion."  Why do you think this is so?

scripture: Matthew 16:18, 1 Peter 4:12-16, Ephesians 4:2